Program Suggestions

Feb 6 at 3:08 PM
Hello IDDS team,

I'm not sure if we are to allow to give program suggestions or how this fully works, but here goes :) . After using the program for a while (which we install on all our servers and are very happy about), we notice a few things are missing, which probably makes the program easier in use. I do hope you take these suggestions in consideration.

1) on the tab "Current Locks" its not possible to sort the collums.

2) Add a search box for an IP adress. If the hardlocks list becomes huge overtime and and a valid user is blocked its not easy to find there IP adress.

3) Add a function to move a hardlock/softlock ip adress to the whitelist and vica versa.

4) Add a back-up function to export the hardlocks and import it on another installation. With the option to merge or overwrite the list with the excisting list.

5) Safe network list, should have a comment line, so you can add additonal info about the Whitelisted IP adress/IP range etc.

Thank you.
Feb 8 at 4:35 AM
All good ideas.

I'll definately second the Move locked ip to Whitelist.

Pretty handy when a user locks themselves out to right click or similar and have it Unban them but also add the IP to the whitelist for the future.
Feb 16 at 8:52 PM
Thank you for your ideas. Please feel free to download the sources for your own implementation and share your code with us!